Hitting the wall

Bibi Schmidt
1 min readMar 12, 2021

Last night, a friend sent me a lifestyle article by the Washington Post. It featured the story of a woman proverbially hitting a wall due to the persistent Covid setbacks. We’re well in it for a year now and relief isn’t noticeably in sight.

This “wall” she calls it, is actually a running metaphor. It describes the feeling that can overwhelm a person somewhere along a marathon, when the finish line is not nearly to be seen, but one suddenly feels drained of all life force.

It reminded me of some of the research on workplace stressors, which are known to have substantial adverse effects on employee wellbeing. Unwanted behaviour, such as bullying or discrimination, can lead to poor health and injury.

If it takes a year to “hit the wall,” what about those suffering in silence from harassment and bullying at work, generally for a period up to four years?

Most victims do not speak up. Imagine what this can do to mental health.